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Where can I buy a sticker kit from

Yeah hi guys, 

I am getting close to completing my restoration for my 1979 RM 125, there are just a few finishing touches that are needed in order for this restoration to be completed. I just need a little help from anyone that knows of any places that deal with original sticker kits for Vintage Motor X bikes? -preferably at the right price :)

Any help would really be appreciated 



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Comment by Brendon on January 9, 2016 at 2:40am

Not sure if you've figured this out or not but diablocycle.com in the US is pretty good and easy. You can get a complete reproduction set for between about 40 to 60 USD depending which one you need. 

I got complete decals for my 81KLX for $55 USD including postage.  So about $80 AUD

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