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Could everyone please read the issue of the closures of Stanmore and Reedy Creek MX tracks in the Competition section of the forum. People need to know what is happening to their sport and be more active in promoting and defending what we currently have.The alternative is no MX or VMX.



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Comment by Kevin Tomkyns on December 8, 2011 at 1:48pm

Cr Donna Gates of Division 1 of the Gold Coast Council has been very active in trying to sort out the issue of the Reedy creek and Stanmore MX parks closures. She has responded to my emails and has given permission to me to post the Transcript from Council Meeting 5th December 2011 and the Unconfirmed Minutes Resolution of the Council Meeting 5th December 2011

Good Morning

Thanks for your recent email. Stanmore Park will reopen and I have attached for you a copy of the Council Resolution and a transcript of my debate within the Council Chamber yesterday which explains the situation in its entirety.


Transcript from Council Meeting 5 December 2011



Thanks Mr Mayor this is a very, very difficult situation and personally I have never been more humiliated or embarrassed about two of the communities that I represent and promises that have been made to each of them, commitments that have been given and in my opinion the whole handling of this is totally unacceptable.


Firstly at Stapylton where I basically sold out that community.  I went to them and I said we can deliver a facility on the basis of information that was before me.  I said to them we can provide this facility and it won’t impact on you because we were going to put it down a hole, we were going to have all the appropriate noise and dust attenuation it was going to work for them and I stood by and I believed the information that I was given.  The motorcycling community this week has attacked me from every angle saying that I have sold them out when in fact I was the only one prepared on this Council to stand up and say yes put it at Stapylton I will cop the flack from that community on the information that was put before me – it was the area that I believed had the least impact on the city’s residents and so be it that was where we went.  It would seem that we were all misled in terms of the delivery of that track. 


Then it comes to Yatala where I have made two promises to that community on the basis of resolutions that we all supported, one that it would close first of all at the end of April, then at the end of November.  I went to that community I said, “Stapylton is progressing well but we can’t deliver in time”.  So I went back to them and I said put aside the personal issues, please support me to keep the track open so that motocross had a place for the safe and supervised conduct of that sport.  So then we move on and to get that Resolution, to get the extension of time, the officers come up with a master plan that not only ends motocross at Stanmore Park but delivers them these beautiful sporting fields, skate parks, community facilities, clubhouse, great recreation for a growing area and a community that is so desperate to have some sort of provision of amenities of that nature.  You have got to understand they live adjacent to an industrial area, they live adjacent to quarries they have quarry trucks thundering down Stanmore Road 24/7, they have environmentally relevant activities that are undertaken at the adjacent industrial land, they put up with odour issues, they put up with enormous amounts of dust - so not only did they have the closure of the track that compounds those issues for them they then have the promise of these beautiful new sporting fields with pedestrian access and bike access and I have to go back to that community now and say we bombed out guys, we had two Resolutions but it doesn’t matter a continental about Council resolutions because they mean nothing unless delivery occurs, they just mean nothing.  And for me I have taken pride in representing my community in Division 1, I have been honest with them at every turn and now I just look like a typical politician who lies when it suits and doesn’t deliver what is promised and it is very very distressing to me that I have to go back to my people now and say “sorry guys circumstances have changed”. 

Comment by Kevin Tomkyns on December 7, 2011 at 3:33am

Kevin M,

               I was not trying to put S#%T on MA or MQ, I just want to question what actions are being taken by our governing bodies to protect our sport and to question if that action was good enough. I believe every club member or MA member has the right to question are we being represented well? Is the sport growing and are the facilities enough to meet the growth? Is there better ways or avenues to get positive results for our sport? I also called on every individual to take some action to not leave it to others and protect what we do have now.

I am amazed that the apparent stay of execution was attributed to a public outcry and no mention of MA or MQ. I heard about all this from this site and an email from some one who wanted us individuals to make a direct protest, a public protest directly to the Lord Mayor and the Councilors. That person had even given me the email address's. I did not get a call to arms by MA or MQ to my knowledge.

As for the good work that MA or MQ does for us all, thank you, it's appreciated and álso its their job to do exactly that, so cudos to them. If every one is happy with the status quo now, good luck to the future of the sport.

Kevin T 


Comment by Kevin Thomas Mortimer on December 6, 2011 at 11:16pm

Just another fact. Reedy & Stanmore are not the only tracks the Gold Coast Council has closed Mike Hatcher Junior Dirt Track is also gone. This is the track Casey Stoner started at.

Comment by Kevin Thomas Mortimer on December 6, 2011 at 11:13pm


I'm not a member of the forum so I can't comment there, but I really do think you are putting S#%T on MQ (Motorcycling Queensland) and MA unfairly. Please note MQ inconjunction with SEQ Council of Mayors and the State Government are developing the Queensland Moto Park (Wyaralong). They also obtained a least (from SEQ Water) on the land that QVMX use at Biddadaba. MA stepped in to save Barabool at Geelong. So they are trying to do something. Go to this page to see http://www.mqld.org.au/index.php?id=1658  Kevin T Mortimer

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