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First of all, I want to say that I sold C&J Racing frames about six years ago. I have no business ties with C&J now, and have had none for many years. I have not been in hiding, EVER! I still have my original phone number(760)7281707, which I've always had(See VMX #19, 2003) I don't know the people trying to find me, but I'm as close as your phone and I will be happy to talk with any of you. Just call.
Secondly, I'm not internet savvy and have never looked at the C&J website. If my name is involved, it shouldn't be.
Lastly, if there is anybody out there with a C&J problem, fax me with your situation so I can attempt to find some answers. I would think that I'm probably out more financially and with less good will than all of you combined. My fax number is the same as my phone number. My wife's email address is jilljeffcole@sbcglobal.net. She will notify me if anything comes my way.

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Comment by Freakshow on March 1, 2011 at 6:44pm
sounds like a fair post.  thanks for putting this up jeff.

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