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The photo in my profile was taken back in 2015 and was day one of a reunion / nostagia event which took place in Taranaki, NZ where the 5 of us grew up and rode motorbikes together. The event consisted of three time trial / races on three days on three different types of track. Day one was a motocross event at a practice track we hired out the back of Eltham. Day two was a grass flat track event on a paddock out the back of Inglewood and day three was a speedway event on a hard packed iron sand beach at Awakino. 

We had a collection of bikes we had cobbled together - one each, consisting of 2 x late '90's vintage YZ125's, a 2015 KTM125SX demonstrator, a '79 CR250R, and a VMX hybrid racer consisting of an XL500 motor in a '79 CR250R frame.

As well as being a reunion of old racing buddies, the event was designed to establish once and for all the age old argument of a) who was faster, and b) does the bike make any difference?

To establish this, we devised a time trial at each event in which everyone would do a timed flying lap on each bike. The final times would then be used to establish the handicap for a 5 lap all in race.

Prior to this event, there was much discussion about what bikes would be used as some bikes would have an advantage over others. For example it was widely believed that the hybrid racer would smash the CR250 and old YZ's, especially as the owner, and one of us, had been racing this for years at VMX meetings around the north Island. He continued to argue the contrary, saying that the bike would make no difference to the results. Scepticism abounded! Could you really go just as fast on a '90s YZ125 as a latest model KTM125SX?

Day one at the hilly, rough and damp MX track and the results were incontrovertible. The bike you were on made NO difference to your lap times. In fact the fastest time of the day was set on the least likely bike to be fastest. A hastily thrown together YZ125 which no time was given to sorting out even slightly - the brakes were badly adjusted, nothing felt right on it and it was the slowest bike of the lot.

Each and everyone of us lapped within 1 second of our previous times on each bike. The final upshot being, some of us were faster than others but WE were the limiting factor in speed, not the bike.

Bear in mind, this result should be tempered with the fact that only one of us had been riding dirt bikes regularly in recent years while the rest of us hadn't thrown a leg over a motocrosser in 30 odd years. But the regular rider only narrowly pipped us in the time trials, however he fairly easily accounted for all of us in the 5 lap race where a bit of riding fitness shone through.

But like typical blokes, we still carry on as if a faster bike will see us riding faster! Some things just don't get old.

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