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I went on Saturday and had a great time watching the races and wandering the pits. I didn't ride, but wished I did as the track looked great! I was fortunate enough to meet some friends there and made a few new ones as well. I thought I saw the Great Joel Robert riding his twin pipe CZ number 90 : ) What a real blast!!! I came back on Sunday to get more and brought my brother and a mate (all enthusiasts). I had a chance to meet Les Richters, John Kittle and a number of other Maico riders. I thoroughly enjoyed the bikes on display and the good natured riders allowing strangers to come up and look over their machinery. A big thumbs up to one of the nicest guys there, Mr Brad Van Barrelo (Joel Robert). My only gripe with this event is "why is this event only once a year?", I am sure we would all support this event 4 times a year. Thanks to all who organised and staged this event and roll on 2011. I will be at Conondale, but riding this time!

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Comment by Kevin Tomkyns on June 18, 2010 at 1:19am
Brad you are still Buggered! I wonder why!!! How many bikes did you have there? You could start your own MX club.
Comment by Brad vb on June 17, 2010 at 8:18pm
Great to catch up Kevin.One thing is for sure, your 490 will be fully sorted by CD8 ;)
BTW I don't think I could handle another three a year. I'm still buggered!

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