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I was surprised that the cost of the unit including mail was cheaper than similar locally produced items. Solid and good quality.



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You are a bit slow there Kevin. I got one from Jeroen twevle months ago, when someone on the Historic commission changed the rules to say Evo, Pre 85 & Pre 90 have to have sprocket covers. This is despite the fact that modern bikes don't have to have a sprocket cover. I guess the scrutineers have finally started to do their job.

Jeroen has got some good stuff for Maicos.

Kevin M

Jeroen is a nice guy and he tried to help me find a Maico 490 when I was still looking. I did not know about the sprocket cover requirement until just recently. Finding one for the Maico is not a problem, but I have to come up with something for the RH as I want to start assembling her soon. Doe's the requirement exclude Pre 78?



No. In fact all Pre 78's have always had to have them. The rule is for modern bikes if the teeth of the front sprocket are within 30mm of a frame tube etc you don't have to cover the sprocket.  Most bikes from about 79/80 onwards when the drive sprocket moved closer to the swing arm pivot don't have to have them fitted. So most bikes with 12 inches etc of travel have the sprocket nearer to the pivot to reduce the about of chain slack needed. Ask Dave Tanner about a RH sprocket cover He may know. I can't remember if they had one in 1975, I had an RH then. Has yours got an up pipe? I made one for mine.


Kevin M


The RH in the photo section http://ausvmx.ning.com/photo/1974-suzuki-rh-250-2 hasn't got a sprocket cover, but it looks like the screw holes are there for one. Try an RM A or B cover they may fit, or even a TM one.




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