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I wanted to get the new Troy Lee Designs body armour, I did the usual internet search and found All Sport Protetion on the net and they were the cheapest stockist. I chatted with a support person in regards to sizing and fit and after I told what sport I did (VMX) and how large the community was he offered me and all members of OzVMX and the Maico Group a additional discount on items purchased from their site.


The site is www.allsportprotection.com and the site sells all the top brands Bell, 661, Troy Lee etc... Helmets and all sorts of body armour. You can go online make your purchase and use the following discount code to get a further 10% off the items. Enter YUGH9P


I hope that anyone who is in the market to get new or to upgrade to some of the new technology armour (we are all getting older and more brittle) can benefit from this offer and I also hope that other suppliers come forward to look after us as customers. Please note that this is a personal posting and it is not a commercial one.

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Received the new Troy Lee Body Armour, No Hard Plastic shells, very comfortable and very light. Does not feel restictive, but I would not want to take a real hard knock in one. I am very happy with them


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