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Thinking about the different Heaven tracks we ride, what tracks are favourites for say Pre 78s and Pre 85s

I reckon for Pre 78 grass track at Canowindra was a hoot this year, Buladelah in the clockwise direction, Lakes , Glenbawn and Clarence prbably in that order. Now i know not all would agree but thats just my preference.

Pre 85 Would have to be Lakes or Glenbawn Buladelah Canowindra and Clarence.. I think Clarence dust is a bit of a problem and Buladelah Rain can be a problen due to excess falls but nobody can plan for that.

Now in saying that, I didnt ride in the heat last round being an alcholic unfit rcovering crash victim and didnt want to cark it so limited myself to flag waver at Glenbawn.

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Well, I've not ridden at many of the tracks, but I will say that Canowindra was brilliant. I really want to go back to that one. I visited Bulahdelah but the race was cancelled sadly. Track looked OK though.

The ACT club have this Supertrak concept which may see the light of day sometime, I think that'd be fun too. Half sort of Canowindra, half dirt track.

I'd love to see a grasstrack HEAVEN event closer to Canberra or the South Coast next year, I'm just too wussy to drive to Bulahdelah and Glenbawn...
Hey Rosco

I didn't ride any pre 78 this year. My favourite tracks on the EVO this year were;

1. Lakes - Awesome fun track
2. Canberra - Maybe a bit rutty but I think this was because when we were there the track had just been re-surfaced. Would love to go back there.
3. Glenbawn - Was my favourite track. Still good but now over shadowed by the bigger venues.

Special mention for Canowindra. Great fun to ride and a great vibe for the event. This is an event not to be missed next year.
Quite liked the new Lakes track last year on the Central Coast. Is hilly, but still easy on the pre-75 steeds. Bring some sunscreen, it gets hot in there!!! You need good brakes...
I'm looking forward to having a few races this season after only getting to about three last year. I was very dissapointed to see that Canberra was left off the calendar for 2010. I guess I'm biased being an ACT local but I really liked the track which was shortened for vmx.

So tell me why was Canberra dropped this year? Too expensive, too far away, too many high jumps or track not available for Heaven?

I'd like to see a few more tracks closer down south and think the Camden - Penrith area would be fairly central for a lot of people should there be anything available around there for next year.

Anyway, I'll try and get to the Lakes again this year and look forward to Canowindra (without falling off and getting hurt this time). May even try and get to Shepparton if I can get the 125G finished later in the year.


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