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Members, post a short bio and list your race bikes, maybe a pic too. Remember, this is a discussion, so don't reply to the comment wall, click the Blokes and Bikes link above (and once you are looking at this post, scroll down to the bottom and Add Reply there).

I'll start.

I've been riding since 1975, but only ever really trailrode until the 80s when I did some club level enduro and dirt track. Lived in Maryborough Qld and raced at a few of the SEQ dirt tracks of the day. Moved to Canberra in 91 and got into vintage MX in 1999.

Joined HEAVEN around when it first started when I think it was Mark Cotterill (spelling?) and John Glendenning who were on the executive. Can't remember now... Rode at a few of the early meetings at Dargle and Kembla and loved it.

Don't get to ride all that often these days but still love it and hope to get along to a few meetings in 2010.

Started VMX on an RM400, which gave way to an HL500 and then a Husky CR500. These days I race the #136 1975 RM125M.

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Must drop in an updated photo - I'm almost done rebuilding the RM for this season, and the latest mod is a Retro Rocket pipe. At last, a pipe that should be reasonably quiet while adding a little oomp. Gawd knows the RM needs it, Noel's 77 CR125 is so much quicker it's embarrassing. And that isn't just because Noel's riding it, either...


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