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Anyone tell me what model,year etc also approximate value.  It's in poor condition but i'm told it still goes will need a lot of work.

ps. Owner has another in similar condition. 

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Hi Zane, if you have engine and frame number it'd be a breeze to tell. However, from the looks of it I'd say a 1976 C model. That was the only model with the white body work, and arguably (to my mind at least) the best looking model. The later F is the most desirable I believe (orange and silver with box section swingarm). If it has no cush drive it's a TT rather than the XT. Judging from the lack of electrics and tabs for same I'd say it's a genuine TT, which makes it more collectable.

Price is hard to say. A mint TT500C will fetch between $5000 and $8000, while an average condition complete runner will get around $2000-$3000. A roughie like that though... gee I dunno. I'd pay $500 for it, maybe $800 tops, but then again a lot of people are after them nowadays.

Hope that helps.

The bike in the pic is a XT500 frame because it has the steering lock on the head stock.

The TT500s dont have steering locks.

and the XT500s swing arms have pillion peg mounts on it ,like the one in the pic.

the TT500 swing arms dont have pillion peg brackets.

The tank on it looks alloy the TT500 is alloy,the first model XT500 76 tank was steel then all other XT500s were alloy.The TT500 76 tanks fitted the XT500 76 frames .

you can tell what model XT500 frame it is by the frame number


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