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Share your thumper with the rest of us, right here. It can be that brilliant resto, your current racebike, or even one from back in the day. Here's one of mine

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Love the foot wear! just the thing for starting one of these things!
Ha! You think that's riding light. Check out this guy. A mate of mine having a bit of a blast on the TT...

I have no answer to that!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everyone should build an HL once

Looking good Marc, very nice indeed. I like the forks!

I had an HL once, an original ProFab jobbie.

Back in 1981 I fitted the engine out of my '78 SR500 Yammie into the frame of my '78 Husky 390 AMX and raced it in C grade MX and a few club enduros for a while. I never called it a HL though, always an Aberg replica.


I still have it in the shed, but it doesn't have an engine fitted at present. It also has a set of IT forks fitted instead of the YZ465G forks that I used when I first made it. All of the bits of the 390 AMX are still in boxes in the shed and I bought a 390CR frame a few years back to rebuilt the Aberg on so I can put the AMX back together with it original frame.


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